7 Tips for Setting Up Your Audio

7 Tips for Setting Up Your Audio

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Hooking a microphone up to someone can be a bit confusing so, here are 7 tips for when you are mic-ing someone up with the Rode Smart Lav + mic.

#1 Hide The Cable

Nothing looks worse than seeing a black cord running down the front of the person pre-senting. It is not only distracting but it also doesn’t look professional. To fix this run the cable under their shirt, so that the ugly black cord doesnt show.

#2 Keep The Microphone In A Good Distance From Your Mouth

Make this shape with your hand:

Put your thumb on your chin, and place the microphone anywhere around your pinky finger. This is usually a good distance to set the microphone up.

#3 The Microphone Can Go Upside Down

It’s omnidirectional, which means it picks up sound all around it. It can be great for people who move their head a lot when they talk so it’s not loud sometimes and soft at other times. So don’t worry too much if you have to clip it upside down or in a way that wouldn’t work with other lapel mics.

#4 This Microphone Records Straight Into Your Phone

You can record sound from this microphone with any smart phone. Just make sure you get the Rode app on your phone to record the sound too.

#5 Clap To Sync Sound

This microphone doesn’t go straight into your camera so you are going to have 2 separate tracks for video and audio. The audio track recorded onto your phone, and also the video track recorded on your camera. When you do a big clap, it makes the sound waves peak, and it will be a lot easier to match the two tracks together, as youll be able to see when the big spike in the sound was and match it with the clap. If you are using a wireless mic such as the Rode Link, it can record straight into the camera so you don’t need to worry about this step.

#6 Listen To The Audio Straight After Recording

Sometimes people might accidentally tap their shirt, or there might be a ruffle if they were moving. Check the volume level and check that there were no unexpected sounds. If there were, just record again.

#7 Use A Microphone Splitter

If you have two people to interview, you can buy 2 lapel mics and run them both through the microphone splitter to record both of them simultaneously. This can be done directly to your phone. You can also get a 6m extension cord too.


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