Your Shoot:

The step-by-step system for camera gurus to build a six or seven-figure production company (even if you don’t know anything about business!)

Hey there, camera guru! I wonder…


Are you tired of losing potential clients because you couldn’t answer their calls because you were shooting?


Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with the amount of emails and admin work you need to catch up on, after a long and busy week?


Maybe you feel frustrated trying to build your business to have a steady stream of recurring clients who just LOVE working with you and value what you do?


Do you ever wish there was an easier way to focus on what you love doing, and not worry about where your next client is coming from?

If you answered YES to any of these, then keep reading…

I’m going to teach you how to build your production company, step-by-step, even if you don’t know anything about business.

I’ll do this with a brand new online training I’ve created for you called Bulletproof Your Shoot.

Hi, I’m Joyce Ong.

I’m the creator of Bulletproof Your Shoot and founder of New Heights Media, a production company based in Sydney, with video teams in every state of Australia and now overseas as well.

I really love business!

So much, in fact, that over the last decade,

I’ve been shooting the events of some of Australia’s leading business groups, including

Dale Beaumont

Business Blueprint

Dale Beaumont


Cham Tang

Authentic Education

Taki Moore

Black Belt

Suzi Dafnis


Ricahrd Branson

Virgin Unite

Let’s make sure we’re on the same page…

Before we go any further,

let’s make sure we are on the same page and clarify who this online training will be for, and who it won’t be for,

because I don’t want to waste your time if you don’t feel like this is for you.

Who This is NOT For:

If you are not ready to put some effort to learn

If you are not prepared to take action

If you can’t follow direction

If you don’t want to learn how to build a profitable production company

Who This is For:


If you like efficiency and want to learn the fastest way to build a profitable production company

If you want to discover how to just focus on what you LOVE doing without having to worry about where your next client is coming from

If you sometimes get frustrated or overwhelmed trying to do everything yourself

If you are tired of losing potential clients because you’re busy on another shoot

If you think this may be for you, then keep reading…

Introducing… Bulletproof Your Shoot

Bulletproof Your Shoot is a 5 module online training course that shows you exactly, step-by-step how to build a six-figure production company, even if you don’t know anything about business.

This is something I’ve done myself, so I’m not just making it all up.

Here is specifically what you’ll learn:



First Things First: A Solid Foundation For Success
• Creating Your Roadmap To Success
• Your Checklist To Find The Gaps To Know Where To Focus & Grow
• Business Basics: A 1 Page Rundown

Is Your Business Surviving Or Thriving?
• The Essential Traffic Light Metrics You’ll Need To Know
• How To Create Your Perfect Offer

Creating Systems To Scale
• The Perfect Formula To Becoming More Organised & Efficient
• Marie Kondo-ing Your Current Processes & How You Do Things

More High Value Clients? YES PLEASE!
• The Secret Frameworks To Get More Customers Without Being “Salesy”
• How To Attract More Of Your Perfect Clients

It’s Time To Grow!
• 7 Steps To Hiring & Growing Your Team
• How To Best Take Care Of Your Amazing Clients & Team

What Others Say


I am passionate about helping you build your production company and take it to the next level.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here is what some of my clients have said about working together:


“Thanks to Joyce’s varying interests and experiences, it was nice to have her very good, professional advice not just on my “next steps” but also on video ideas, my landing page, and even how to communicate to my clients better. I feel a lot more confident now!”


“After a decade working for myself, I have honed my cinematography skills to mastery. At the same time, the business side is a tangled thread inside my head.

Joyce guided me on untangling the tangled thread in my head, and finally – I can see lights at the end of the tunnel.

Joyce is a generous person and genuinely loves working with people. I won’t hesitate to recommend her to others who need some clarity in their business.”

But wait, there’s more!
(haha… but seriously, there is…)

One question I get asked a lot is, “Joyce, how do you start hiring great people for your team?

What’s the process and how can I start?”

Bonus #1:

Ready to roll, copy-and-paste Job Descriptions for hiring new team members, whether it be videographers, video editors, virtual assistants or social media managers (Value: $250).

This will save you hours of work and ensure your applicants have a comprehensive idea of what their jobs with you will be like, so you’ll both know if they’ll be a great fit.

Bonus #2:

The EXACT Interview Questions to use for hiring new videographers, video editors, virtual assistants and social media managers , as well as a list of things people say that you should dig deeper on (Value: $250).

The quality of questions asked during an interview can really provide insights into a person, and what they will be like to work with.

Armed with the exact interview questions I’ve been using to hire my team members for over a decade, you’ll be sure to fast track your interview process and determine the right hires for your team.

The next thing you’ll need to do after you hire someone new, 

Paperwork, yuck. I know right…

But yes, it’s gotta be done. Contractor agreements, employee agreements, insurances etc etc…

Where do you even begin?!

Guess what? I’ll share all of mine with you.

Bonus #3:

All the legal stuff – pre-written contractor and employee agreements that I use with my own team, that have been looked over by professional lawyers (Value: $3000).

This alone is worth more than the entire Bulletproof Your Shoot online training, and is something that will save you both time and money, and ensure you and your business are protected every step of the way.

I’ll also give you the checklists of the different types of business insurances available and where to get them.

This is a total value of $3500 just in bonuses you’ll get, when you join Bulletproof Your Shoot.

Let’s Recap. Here’s everything you’ll get…

First you are going to get Bulletproof Your Shoot so you can build a six-figure production company, even if you don’t know anything about business! This is valued at $3,500.
Then you are getting copy-and-paste Job Description templates for hiring new team members so that you save hours of work and hire the right people for your team. This is valued at $250.
You’ll also receive the exact Interview Questions to use for hiring new team members, so that you’ll fast track your interview process and determine the right hires for your team. The value of this is $250.
And on top of that, you’ll get all the legal stuff – pre-written contractor and employee agreements, as well as the checklists of business insurances you’ll need, saving you thousands in lawyer fees. This is valued at well over $3,000.
The Total Value of everything listed above is $7,000.

How Much Does It Cost?

Well, that’s a great question.
As you can see, with Bulletproof Your Shoot and all the bonuses, today you are getting well over $7,000 worth of value.
But guess what? It is not going to be anywhere near as much.
It’s not going to be $5,000.
It’s not even going to be $3,500.
You can sign up right now and instantly save $500 with one up-front payment of just $2,000, or if you’d rather, then you can do 5 monthly payments of $500.

Here’s What To Do Next…

Simply click on the “YES! Sign Me Up” button below, add your info and choose your payment option.

You will then immediately reach the thank you page and receive your login

Details that will give you instant access to ALL the content and ALL the bonuses.

No drip feeding modules week by week. No waiting.

You can access everything and go through the course at your own pace.

Everything I teach you will be easy to understand with simple action steps so you can get up and running extremely fast.

I can’t wait to help your business boom!

So, if you want to build a six-figure production company,
and discover how to focus on doing what you LOVE without having to stress about finding the next client,

And if you want to learn all of this step-by-step with an easy and detailed system, then this is for you!

Just click the button below and I’ll see you shortly in the course!

How do you know this is right for you?

One thing you are going to love about this program aside from the incredible stuff you are going to learn is the TRIPLE Guarantee.

What’s a triple guarantee? Here it is:

Test the program for a solid 30 days. Download everything you can, watch all the videos, implement everything, do all the exercises.

Do everything I am going to teach you.


If you are not happy for any reason

If you simply don’t feel this is for you

Or even if… you don’t like the colour of the shirt I’m wearing (lol)

You’ll get 100% of your money back,
no questions asked.

You don’t even need to talk to anyone, just shoot an email to the support desk and BOOM you’ll instantly get your money back, AND you get to keep everything for free anyway 🙂

I don’t want you to have any risk in this. I want you to feel like your mind is at ease, and for you to be confident and happy.

I don’t want you to have any pressure, and I want you to know that you can take the entire thing for 30 days.

Keep everything, download it, print it, save it, put it to work, if for any reason (or no reason at all) you don’t think it was the best investment you have ever made for your business, just let me know and you’ll get a complete refund AND you can keep everything you’ve download anyway.

So what have you got to lose? Click the button below and I’ll see you shortly in the course!

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