Essential Elements for Your Video Showreel

Essential Elements for Your Video Showreel

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What is a Video Showreel?

A video showreel, or highlights reel, is a short video between 3-5 minutes in length, capturing the vibe and the best parts of your event.

It can also be used to showcase your event, and promote future events on your social media channels and website.

Here are the Essential Elements to Include in Your Showreel

Face to Camera Speech

  • Speak for a few minutes about your event
  • Who you’re presenting to
  • What you’re presenting
  • Where you are
  • Why your message is important

B Roll Footage of the Event

  • B roll, or cutaway footage are snippets of video taken from around the room to capture the atmosphere of the event.
  • B roll of the audience could include snippets of them laughing, taking notes, everyone putting their hands up and doing group activities amongst themselves.
  • It’s also a great idea to get snippets of YOU when you’re presenting on stage, but from different angles to the usual camera at the back that films everything.

VOX Pop Testimonials

  • These are small sound bytes of attendees
  • Ask them what they thought of the event, and get real life, on-the-spot answers
  • Vox Pop Testimonials differ from prepared testimonials, as the main aim is to capture their live thoughts of the event and what they got out of the event (rather than who they are and what they do)
  • It’s not meant to be perfect or polished!
  • Usually only a few seconds of each person will make it into the final showreel

Question to Ask Your Event Attendees

Here are a few basic questions you can ask the attendees at your event


What did you think of the event?


What did you think of the speaker?


What was your key takeaway from the presentation?


Who would you recommend to see this speaker?

Make sure you remind them to smile and also answer in full sentences.


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