How to Capture Compelling Testimonials

How to Capture Compelling Testimonials

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How to Capture Compelling Testimonials

Testimonials and Case Studies are great for social proof & marketing campaigns.


 77% of people read product/service reviews before making an online purchase


Customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating (89%) for all types of content marketing


90% of consumers admit that their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews


People are 63% more likely to purchase from a site if it has reviews and ratings

A Testimonial Framework



How are you feeling now? “But it wasn’t always like that…”



Before working with us, how was…



While working with us, how…



Now you’ve worked with us, how have things changed?

5 Tips to Get Amazing Testimonials

Give your clients the questions beforehand, so they can prepare

Make sure they are feeling comfortable before you start

Ask them to “just talk to you” rather than look directly at the camera (interview style)

Remind them to smile and laugh

Ask them to repeat the question in the answer:

  • “I used to struggle with…”
  • “Since working with…”
  • “It wasn’t until I discovered…”
  • “It’s changed my business because…”

This way you’ll be able to use the whole take with the answer in context (allows the interviewer to be cut out by the video editor)


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