Indoor and Outdoor Shooting Tips

Indoor and Outdoor Shooting Tips

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Indoor Shooting Tips

Shooting video in different locations may alter how the end result looks. Whether you are shooting indoor or outdoor, here are some tips to ensure you get the best quality videos.

Shoot in a quiet room

This tip may be a self explanatory one but it is crucial nonetheless. Ensuring that there are no other sounds that will be caught by your audio device will make sure that your dialogue is clean and crisp, reflecting a higher quality. As well as this, by shooting in a quiet room you are removing distractions that may affect your spoken performance to the camera, again enhancing the quality of you video overall.

Where this might differ is if you want to capture the vibe of an event , or where you are on location, and want to capture the hustle and bustle of things going on around you.

Also, when you’re shooting in a quiet room, listen for background noise , such as a phone ringing, a plane flying overhead, a car horn and things like that. You might need to re-do those parts again, depending on how perfect you want the video to be.

Listen for reverb or echo in the room

This tip is especially handy if you’re in a room with no carpet or wooden floorboards, as there are more surfaces for sound to bounce and echo off. Nothing is worse than recording your videos and then finding out in editing that there is an echo from the room that ruins the audio.

A quick fix for this is to get a bunch of cushions and doonas and lay them around the areas that are causing the reverb to
make it sound less echoey.

Have ample space around you

It is important to remember to leave plenty of room to move and leave yourself some space away from the equipment so you don’t feel too squished.

Remember that softbox lights and other gear can take up quite a lot of space, and then if you have a cameraman or a friend coming in to assist you, they will need space as well. You want everyone who is there to feel comfortable in your space.

Sometimes if space allows, its good to shoot wider than you normally would. This way, if you’re shooting in 4K, you will have the ability to do jump cuts and crop in when you edit the video. This is great both for holding the viewer’s attention and covering your mistakes.

Keep room behind you

Depending on the set you are creating, you may want more room behind you. If you are shooting with a DSLR camera and a good lens, the further you are away from your background, the blurrier the background will be.

By following this tip you will create more depth of field which will increase the professionality of your video. Having a blurry background not only looks professional, but helps viewers keep their attention solely on you.

Even lighting on a Green Screen

If you are shooting on a green screen, make sure the green screen is evenly lit, and there are no darker or lighter patches on the screen.

Doing this will make the editing easier and allow the green screen to be completely removed with no stray blotches of green.

Another thing to look out for with green screen is colour bouncing. This means that the green from the screen bounces onto your face or clothing making it hard to edit. To stop this, make sure the lighting is even and stand some distance from the screen.

Look out for your hand movements too. If you have a green screen behind you, make sure your hands don’t stray outside of the green screen area.

Green screen lighting is quite an advanced technique, and I would recommend a professional to come and do it, instead of trying to do it yourself.


Beware of changing light

If you are standing in the shade of a tree, the last thing you want is for the sun to come out and then you have and dappled lighting splotches of sun and shade all through your face!

To beat this problem always keep an eye out for the sun’s position in relation to where you are filming. By watching it you will be able to predict when dappled lighting may occur and stop it from happening.

Listen for background noise and music

When filming outside it can be quite difficult to control the noise levels around you. The best thing you can do to stop unwanted sounds is to analyse where you are filming and figure out where the quietest place will be. It might be the furthest point away from your assistant who answers the phone in your office, or away from the main road and cars etc.

Just remember to keep an ear out for background noise and music so you can stop it from ruining your video.

Watch out for by-standers moving in the background

Not only can bystanders be distracting, but they could possibly cause continuity issues.

For instance, you may have a person in a red outfit behind you in one shot, then when you change angle they disappear and reappear because of editing. This can be very distracting to viewers and lower the end quality of your video.

To stop this, be aware of your surroundings, try to do one whole script in one take (if possible) and do your best to film when people aren’t waiting or standing behind where you are shooting.

Keep and eye out on your power

As you are filming outside with no power points, bring plenty of spare batteries for your camera , lights and audio . To prevent a take from cutting out half way, constantly keep checking your battery levels on all of your devices, and remember to replace your batteries as soon as you see them going down to one bar.


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