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Whether you want a Hollywood-style, creative cinematographer to film your next showreel… or you just want a junior cameraman to point a camera at you as you knock out modules for your online course, New Heights Media can help. Below is some of our previous video work.

Testimonial Case Studies

Australian Writers Centre

Pravar Group

Rich Training

Event Highlights Showreels

Amanda Stevens

Business Blueprint

Fiona Craig

Social Media Content

Ben Simkin

Tim Topham Facebook Ad

Gina Milicia

Facebook Video Ads

Celebrity Photographer Gina Milicia

LDrivo App

Music Educator Tim Topham

Potty Plant

Drift Car Teaser

Roby Compare

Promo Videos

Amanda Stevens

Women’s Money Forum

Greg Cassar

Celebrity Photographer Gina Milicia

About Us Videos

Imagine Accounting

Your Hot Property

Women’s Money Forum

Music Videos

Dami Im Tour Promo Video

Jason Owen “Calypso”

Amera Tabet “Fools”

Gretta Ziller “Queen of Boomtown”

Greg Gould & Maxine Jones “Don’t Let Go Part II”

Greg Gould “Euphoria”

Steve Clisby “I Still Call Australia Home”

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