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Speaker Spotlight with Amanda Stevens

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New Heights Media With

Amanda Stevens

Speaker Spotlight: Amanda Steven Wanted a broader reach using video: Here’s how we did it

We recently spoke with our long term client Amanda Stevens on her experience working with New Heights Media, the results of using video in her business, and how she has felt about this journey towards creating exponential growth in her business.

Here are her some of the things she shared with us:

What was the main challenge with your business before working with New Heights Media?

Before working with New Heights Media, my speaking business was growing steadily, but it really wasn’t growing at the level I wanted it to be and I knew that I could be doing more.

When did you decide to start using video and why?

I started working with New Heights Media in 2017, and soon after we started working together, things really took off for me. I decided I had made a decision that year to double down on video.

I’d seen a lot of research that video from a promotional point of view, particularly online and social media, was really getting a lot of traction and it’s really the obvious way to promote a speaker. I had a show reel, as a lot of speakers do, but I realised it really wasn’t enough and I wanted to take it to a whole new level, and my goal that year was to really set the standard for video marketing for speakers and working with New Heights Media.

How quickly did you manage to see results from the work done by New Heights Media?

I think pretty much from the first couple of months after we released the first video, I could definitely start to see some traction, and things have just continued to grow exponentially since then.

I think once you do video and then you produce several videos and then continue to invest in videos, it just has an exponential impact on your business because it makes you more visible. And I think the cumulative effect of video over the last couple of years has really been a game changer for me.

What have the results been like for you?

Results are quite extraordinary. So this financial year I’ve done exactly double what I did in the financial year just prior to working with New Heights Media.

My business has grown quite dramatically in the last couple of years. So this financial year, I’ve done exactly double what I did last year. And video has been, obviously, a critical factor in all of that. And working with New Heights Media has been a key contributor to that success.

What would you say to someone who wants to produce videos for their business?

I think a lot of people don’t know where to start with videos. I think it’s really critical. Obviously, you can do it yourself and that’s really feasible these days. It’s never been easier to produce film and edit and release your own videos. But I think that there’s just something special and something far more professional and polished about working with a team who can, not only produce an incredible result creatively and from an editing point of view, but also just really understand your bigger picture and understand that, with each video that you’re producing, what’s the bigger picture around your brand that you’re wanting to be telling.

What do like about working with the New Heights Media team?

The thing I love about New Heights Media is that they’re not just videographers and editors and creative professionals. They also really understand brand building. So I think anyone, whether you’re a speaker or a thought leader or a business owner or entrepreneur who wants to build your brand or build your personal brand and really make sure that you get maximum impact from the videos that you’re releasing, then you should speak to New Heights Media.

Tell us a bit about your experience partnering with the New Heights Media Team?

The partnership with New Heights Media has really grown organically since we first started working together. So what’s great about New Heights Media is they have teams in every state, so when I’m wanting to shoot a show reel, I know that I’ve got that level of consistency, even though it’s a different team in every capital city, and understanding from the team of what we want to capture, how we want to capture it, and what the essence of that video needs to be as an end result.

What do you feel is important while working with a video production team?

For me, working with a team that not only understands me and my business and my brand really well is so important. But more importantly, it’s actually really good to be working with a team who can make it a great experience.

When I’m doing a speaking engagement, I’m under a fair bit of pressure, there’s a client in the room, there may be other potential clients in the room, so being able to work with a team that can really manoeuvre around me seamlessly, capture what they need, but also make it a fun experience and a positive experience for the people around them. I think that that’s really critical.

What is the main thing for people to consider when creating videos with a professional company?

I think the biggest consideration around video is the fact that it does require an investment. But, for me, the return on investment has been at least tenfold.

And more importantly, video is one of those mediums that continues to have residual impact on your brand for the long term.


If you’re interested in growing your brand online and creating influence in your business through video marketing, contact us – hello@lizac79.sg-host.com


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